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Tow-Component Road Marking Paint

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  • Oil repellent : The unique dense polymer coating makes it difficult to stain the oil in the air and vehicles
  • Waterproof : Water molecules are difficult to penetrate;If2drops of water roll over the marking filmall dust will be rolled up and taken away from the marking surface
  • Dustproof: Low surface tension,anti-static,and solid and dense(high-densityseamless)surface paint film make it difficult for dust to be adsorbed and can maintain the cleaning effect for a long time Cleaning,Raining, water washing can wash away dust easilywithout any detergent and professional maintenance
  • Wear-resisting: The wear resistance is significantly better than that of traditional marking coatings
  • Crack resistance: Low temperature resistanceno cracking and falling off
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    Two component material is the best pavement material in the world at present
    The material is mainly poly methyl meth acrylate (PMMA),which has the characteristics of safety and environmental protection,fast curing,strong adhesion,firmness and durability simple construction and so on.Moreover its toughness is good acid and alkali resistance,aging resistance,UV resistance and weather resistance are strong.The color anti-skid pavement is rich in color,which is suitable for anti-skid pavement ,deceleration pavement,speed limit pavement warning pavement indication and guidance pavement,bus lane,special lane,sidewalk, anti-skid ramp,metal anti-skid,steel plate anti-skid,equipment anti-skid,garden square, factory plant.workshop warehouse,commercial building exhibition hall and laboratory, It has unique advantages in pavement repair and parking lot floor repair.




    The product shall be stored in a cooldry and ventilated place with a storae period of one vear


    ·The actual amount of paint used during coating is 10%-50% higher than the theoretical amount depending on the roughness of the coated surface, the thickness of the paint film and the coating loss.
    ·The staff at the paint site shall wear protective articles,carefully check whether there is the risk of fire and explosion, maintain good ventilation, do not breathe paint mist and avoid skin contact.The paint splashed on the skin shall be washed immediately with appropriate detergentsoap and water and the eyes shall be washed with water and treated with medicine.
    ·This manual is the accumulation of our test and experience and can be used as construction guidance.With the improvement of products,relevant data may be changed.The latest Manual of the company shall prevail without notice.


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  • Our company  located at Lianyungang Port (80 kilometers), the east bridgehead of the Eurasian continent, the starting point of the National One Belt One Road. The geographical position is unique, and the raw material resources are sufficient. It is less than 200 kilometers away from the five manufacturers of C5 petroleum resin, the main material of the road sign material. It has the absolute advantage of material priority and low cost.

    echnical strength: The company has six professional and technical personnel, all of whom have been engaged in research and development in the road sign coating industry for more than seven years, and have certain relevant technical strength. The company has maintained close technical guidance and cooperation with several experts from the Ministry of Communications for a long time.

    The company currently has six sets of semi-automatic production packaging machines, which can produce more than 200 tons of road marking hot-melt coating products per day. So as to ensure the supply of a large number of qualified products to customers.

    In recent years, the company’s products have been adhering to the principle of quality first, and the number of foreign customers has continued to increase. Customers from more than 140 countries and regions around the world have cooperated with us, and customers from 9 countries have chosen long-term exclusive Acting for our company’s products.

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