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Portable Gps Retroreflectometer For Road Markings

Short Description:

  • Testing range: 0-1999
  • Entrance angle: -4°
  • Observation angle: 0.2°
  • Testing spot diameter: 32mm
  • Standby time: >8h
  • Built-in power capacity: 2000mA.h
  • Charge Voltage: DC5V
  • Operating Temperature: -10~60℃
  • Operating Humidity: <95%RH non-condensing
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    Sign Retro-Reflection Meter

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    GT-SR-001Retroreflectometer is a new type of portable road traffic safety detection equipment, which adopts the standard transfer indirect measurement method, and is specialized in measuring the retro reflective optical characteristics of various reflective safety signs. It is suitable for on-site detection and inspection of road traffic reflective products, vehicle safety reflective products, safety production signs, etc.
    The product adopts optoelectronic integrated high precision and high stability structure design. The system uses 16 bit MCU main control module and embedded program control software based on WinCE environment, with built-in large capacity storage unit and touch screen display loaded with handwritten input function. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, no preheating, small measurement error, on and off.
    Technical Data:

    Main technical parameters

    1. Testing term: Retro reflectance  (cd/lx/㎡)

    2. Testing range: 0—1999

    3. Entrance angle: -4°

    4. Observation angle: 0.2°

    5. Illumination: Standard illuminant A

    6. Testing spot diameter: 32mm

    7. Error of repeatability measurement: ≤2%

    8. Error of reproducibility measurement: ≤3%

    9. Standby time: >8h

    10. Built-in power capacity: 2000mA.h

    11. Charge Voltage: DC5V

    12. Operating Temperature: -10~60℃

    13. Operating Humidity: <95%RH non-condensing

    14. Size: 200×230×70MM (L×H×W)

    15. Weight: 1.5kg

    Main Functional Characteristics:
    1. Advanced optical measurement system.
    2. High-bright LCD Display to show the measured data.
    3. Parameter, date, time, testing site and other system information can be preset.
    4. Reset and adjust measurement standard automatically.
    5. Automatic verification zero and calibration measurement standard.
    6. Input system: handwriting or using soft keyboard.
    7. Support three times measurements to calculate the average;
    8. Intelligent standby management. Turn off the display system when you stop operate the detector.
    9. Upload the record to PC and change the system setting by USBinterface that comes with the detector.
    10. Support 8G SD card data storage and support data storage in Excel format, and the data can be exported to the computer through U disk;
    11. Low illumination and high sensitive photoelectric measuring device.
    12 High precision and stability analog data acquisition and A/Dconvertingcircuit.
    13. Low power consumption and high reliability main control unit and calculate system.
    14. Battery is permitted to replace by new ones in short time.
    15. Standby Charging is allowed.


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  • Our company  located at Lianyungang Port (80 kilometers), the east bridgehead of the Eurasian continent, the starting point of the National One Belt One Road. The geographical position is unique, and the raw material resources are sufficient. It is less than 200 kilometers away from the five manufacturers of C5 petroleum resin, the main material of the road sign material. It has the absolute advantage of material priority and low cost.

    echnical strength: The company has six professional and technical personnel, all of whom have been engaged in research and development in the road sign coating industry for more than seven years, and have certain relevant technical strength. The company has maintained close technical guidance and cooperation with several experts from the Ministry of Communications for a long time.

    The company currently has six sets of semi-automatic production packaging machines, which can produce more than 200 tons of road marking hot-melt coating products per day. So as to ensure the supply of a large number of qualified products to customers.

    In recent years, the company’s products have been adhering to the principle of quality first, and the number of foreign customers has continued to increase. Customers from more than 140 countries and regions around the world have cooperated with us, and customers from 9 countries have chosen long-term exclusive Acting for our company’s products.

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