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Two-component road marking machine: Two-component marking is a high-end marking that has emerged in recent years. Unlike hot-melt marking and normal temperature marking, which are formed by physical drying methods such as temperature drop or solvent (water-based) volatilization, the coating film is different. The two-component marking line is a new type of marking line that forms a coating film by internal chemical cross-linking. The two-component pavement marking machine used for the construction of two-component marking can be divided into spin-coating structure type, scraping flat-line type and high-pressure airless spraying according to the type of coating applied and the appearance of the construction line. There are three types of hot-melt road marking machines: it is gradually developed and improved with the development of hot-melt coatings, and it is a machine with a high degree of automation.

Construction requires a set of several equipment to complete the construction functions of each link from melting material to marking. This set of equipment generally consists of a hot melt kettle, a road marking machine (including a zebra line surface marking machine), a pre-road marking machine, and a primer machine. Of course, users can choose equipment configurations of different models, grades and functions according to their own economic strength, engineering volume and degree of specialization. The hot-melt road marking machine in the configuration can be divided into three types: hot-melt scraping type, hot-melt extrusion type and hot-melt spray type according to the different marking methods. The normal temperature road marking machine: the normal temperature marking is a kind of A conventional marking with the longest history, this type of marking can generally be completed by a normal temperature road marking machine. The normal temperature road marking machine can be divided into two types: high pressure airless type and low pressure air assisted type according to the different marking methods; Three types (generalized room temperature road marking machine also includes two-component type, especially two-component spray type, it is a broad-spectrum road marking machine with both conventional room temperature paint and two-component paint spraying function. ).

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