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How do fishing glow sticks work?

Fishing Glow Sticks use chemical reaction to emit light. Once the inside capsule is broken by bending the stick, the chemical reaction takes place and the fishing glow stick starts to glow. 

Why does fishing glow stick help catch more fish?

  • Makes bait look brighter to attract more fish
  • Makes bait appear to be larger
  • Effectively stimulates neutral or negative mood fish to bite
  • One of the biggest problems with night fishing is seeing the rod tips. Some folks like to use bells to alert fish bites. However, the bells can be troublesome to handle when cast or reel in fish. Fishing glow stick can be used to replace bells to constantly monitor rod tips. 

How are fishing light sticks attached to lines or baited hooks?

Use the plastic sleeves that come with the sticks for attaching to baited hooks or lines. Thread a thin string through the sleeve, then insert the light stick into the sleeve, with the thin string tight, tie the string to line or hook. Some of our customers also uses electrical tape for attaching. 

How long do they glow?

At least 20 hours.

Are they Non-toxic? And What colors are available?

Yes they are non-toxic. Available in Green

  • FOB Price: US $0.35~0.75 / pcs
  • MOQ: 10pcs
  • Package: OEM package
  • Customization: Customized logo,packaging
  • Supply Ability: 10000 box per week
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    Our factory packing :2pcs/bag, 50bag/inner box,A total of 100pcs

    Other businesses on the platform packing:5pcs/bag, 10bag/inner box,A total of 50pcs
    The price of our factory is the lowest. We are not a trading company,
    We give the profits of middlemen directly to our customers.

    In China,We are the first manufacturer specializing in fishing light sticks.
    On the basis of the absolute industry leading guarantee formula technology, our products can survive in the market for more than 20 years.
    Our products account for 3/5 of the whole global market.
    Many products in the market are imitating us, and some are even made from the formula of first generation products. The luminescence time of the first generation product is less than one fifth of that of our current product

    Looking forward to establishing cooperation with you!

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    Packaging :2pcs/pack, 50packs/box , or according to the customer requirements.

    Payment: TT /Paypal /Trade Assurance and so on
    Delivery Way: By sea or By Air via UPS/ DHL/ TNT /FEDEX and so on

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