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JTT280-2004 Chinese Standard Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint

Short Description:

  • Brand Name: customized
  • Main Raw Material: Glass beads, Pigment ,C5 resin, Caco3
  • Application Method: Hot melt and Screed
  • Color: White, Yellow
  • Standards: JTT280-2004 Chinese Standard
  • Glass bead content: 18%~25%
  • Feature: Highly reflective and Weather resistant
  • Drying time: Within 3 minutes
  • Shelf life: 1 Year
  • Package: 25 Kg/ bag
  • MOQ: 1 ton
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    Product Description

    Thermoplastic road marking paint is mainly used for more than 2 level road and highway.The thickness of lines made from this coating is (1.0 ~ 2.5) mm, paint mixed with reflective glass beads, and in the construction, spread the reflective glass beads on the surface. This type of marking line has good nightly reflective performance, long service life, generally up to 2 ~ 3 years.

    Thermoplastic road marking paint needs special heater device in constructions. In second re-marking construction of old marking lines, you should eliminate the thick old marking line firstly.

    Hot-melt reflective marking coating is mainly used for the highway and highway above grade 2, the marking coating thickness of this coating system is (1.0 ~ 2.5) mm, coating mixed with reflective glass beads, and in the marking construction, the surface sprinkled reflective glass beads. This kind of marking line has good night to glance performance, service life is longer, the demand that depends on the big highway construction of traffic flow estimates to coating of coating of all kinds of road marking line, small and the quality of coating itself and decide, can reach commonly (2 ~ 3) year. The construction of hot melt coating requires special heating equipment. To the old line of the second recoating, to eradicate the thicker the old coating can be applied.

    Our main markets now include the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, the United States, Turkey, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Ethiopia and Venezuela. We are also actively developing the markets of other countries. Welcome to negotiate.

    Company Profile

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    Raw  Material C5  Petroleum Resin, CaCO3, Glass Beads, DOP, PE, etc.
    Gravity,  g/m3 2.1  g/ml
    Color white,  yellow,  etc.
    Heating  Temperature 180℃-220℃
    Softening  Point, ℃ 110℃
    Coating  Appearance No  wrinkles, dots, blisters, cracks, fall-out & stick tyres
    Drying  Time, min Within  3 minutes
    Compressive  Strength, MPa 26
    Abrasive  Resistance, mg 42
    Water  Resistance Great(in  water for 24 hours)
    Alkali  Resistance Great(in  saturated solution of calcium hydroxide for 24 hours)
    Glass  Beads, % 18~25%
    Fluidity,  s 40s
    Coating  Resisitance Resist  -10℃ for 4 hours
    Heat  Resistance Under  0℃-2℃ for 4 hours

    Package & Use:

    Package 25kg/bag,  by plastic woven bag. One ' container can load Max. 25 tons.
    Storage dry, cool,  avoid direct sunlight
    Expiration  date 365  days
    Theoretical  spray rate 4-5kg/㎡


    1. Cohesiveness

    Specific formula, of good cohesiveness with road, pre-mark with our company’s dedicated primer (especially for concrete base) will strengthen the cohesiveness.

    2. Anti-slipperiness

    Our paint has anti-slipping material. On condition of good flowability, the anti-slipping material can ensure good anti-slipperiness and maximize the traffic safety.

    3. Reflective effect

    According to the settling rate of the glass beads, properly choose stable refractive and high quality coating type glass beads with different particle ratio. Mix them evenly inside the paint and dispense mixed type glass beads when executing will ensure new and old marking always to be in high reflection.

    4. Dry fast

    Use different formula to produce the paint according to temperature, humidity and roadbed condition when executing, ensure fast drying speed and antifouling property of the marking.

    5. Stability

    Choose excellent light and heat stability raw material ratio, add ultraviolet-proof additives at the same time, to make sure the long-acting color and luster even under strong sunshine.

    6. Anti hair-cracking

    Hair-cracking of the marking is a technical problem in road marking material industry home and abroad. After long-term research and by way of adding high temperature resistance lipid material and functional filler, our company completely solved the hair-cracking problem during executing.



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  • Our company  located at Lianyungang Port (80 kilometers), the east bridgehead of the Eurasian continent, the starting point of the National One Belt One Road. The geographical position is unique, and the raw material resources are sufficient. It is less than 200 kilometers away from the five manufacturers of C5 petroleum resin, the main material of the road sign material. It has the absolute advantage of material priority and low cost.

    echnical strength: The company has six professional and technical personnel, all of whom have been engaged in research and development in the road sign coating industry for more than seven years, and have certain relevant technical strength. The company has maintained close technical guidance and cooperation with several experts from the Ministry of Communications for a long time.

    The company currently has six sets of semi-automatic production packaging machines, which can produce more than 200 tons of road marking hot-melt coating products per day. So as to ensure the supply of a large number of qualified products to customers.

    In recent years, the company’s products have been adhering to the principle of quality first, and the number of foreign customers has continued to increase. Customers from more than 140 countries and regions around the world have cooperated with us, and customers from 9 countries have chosen long-term exclusive Acting for our company’s products.

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